Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My favourite thing that I saw at IDS:

Radio Canada by
Science and Sons.

"The RADIO CANADA concept is a homage to the cultural significance of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This radio console design was inspired by the dedication of the many CBC listeners who keep their radio dials permanently set to our national broadcaster. After setting the radio to local CBC frequencies, listeners can toggle between CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two without hearing the static in between"

I find that CBC is the only radio station I listen to anymore. My parents listened to it religiously while I was growing up, and now I am doing the same. So many of the voices and some of the theme songs for the shows haven't changes, and I derive some sort of nostalgic pleasure from that.

Also, speaking of radio, and indirectly music, Basia Bulat is playing at the Casbah this Sunday. I'll be there. Woodhands is playing at This Ain't Hollywood on March 6th. We saw them at Hillside in the summer, and it was the best massive tent dance party on picnic tables with balloons EVER. See, here's a poopie video I took:

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Kerri said...

That radio is super cool. And practical!
I've been finding myself listening to CBC Radio online a lot lately. Actually, my baby brother is going to school for radio brodcasting and I'm hoping that someday he'll end up on CBC. Wouldn't that be awesome? Then I'd have a (sort of)claim to fame.

p.s. That video takes me back! Standing on those picnic tables...Hey, have fun at those shows!

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