Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fabricland find!

I went to Fabricland today in search of fabric to make this Tulip skirt. After finding all I needed, I wandered around some more and came across a rack of clothes. Each piece was different and clearly handmade. I assume they were samples that were previously on display to showcase a pattern or fabric. Anyhoo, I saw this one dress (on sale for $38) and had to try it on. It fit perfectly, so I bought it. Its awesome. Thank you Fabricland for the great dress!

Oh, and these are the buttons and fabric that my skirt will be made of. I've never actually made anything following a pattern before, so we'll see how this goes!


r= said...

hi kate!!!!
i found your blog :) yay!

omgosh, that's such a great find. fabricland has clothes? whattt which fabricland do you go?!

nice choices on fabric + buttons - what pattern are u going to use?? can't wait to see it :)

Kate Hunter said...

Yay! Yeah, I found yours the other day too, I meant to comment on something to inform you, but forgot.

It was the Fabricland in Hamilton, on the mountain. I'd never seen clothes at Fabricland before either! It was weird. And amazing.

I'm making the Tulip skirt by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten-Made ( http://wikstenmade.blogspot.com/search?q=tulip+skirt). I'm going to start it tonight, so hopefully it works out alright.

r= said...

what! that's pretty amazing!

oh oh!!! that pattern was in the stitch magazine!!! oh, that'll be super cute! ive been meaning to do that as well! let me know how it goes

her stuff is SUPER cute!!!

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