Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Its that time of year. The time of year when school starts to get stressful! I have to produce two pieces of furniture in 5 weeks. Not to mention do work for my other non-wood classes.

My main project is a slim wall mounted cabinet with a drawer and a sliding tambour door that will have embroidered fabric on the exterior of the door (see above drawing). The door slides around a curve and and can disappear into the back of the cabinet. I need to make decisions ASAP before I can start building

a) What sort of pattern should the embroidery be. I have some samples but I haven't committed to anything yet. I need to start embroidering ASAP!!!

b) What colours should I use for the embroidery (depends on what kind of wood I use).

c) What kind of material should I use for the cabinet itself? For some reason I am totally up in the air on this. I was thinking walnut, cause that's seems to be the obvious choice these days. My walnut hall table sold last year partially because it was walnut. But walnut wood = lots of work in terms of milling the wood, laminating boards together to make it wide enough etc. My other option I'm considering now is 3/4'' baltic birch plywood with an exposed edge. It would be about 500 times easier to work with, and I do like the aesthetic of it. I just haven't decided how it would relate to the embroidery.


And that's what's stressing me out today.


Katherine Johana said...

Kate! the Hunter...very cleaver :D nice blog, Ive decided to get with the times and get one haha so Im starting to find so many people who have one...weird but Im getting used to it. Your cabinet idea sounds amazing! Im excited to see it and it looks like alot of embroidery has to be done...umm. So you're using plywood eh?

Kate Hunter said...

Yup, plywood it is. Its giving me some headaches, but probably saving me time and money in the long run. Plus, I like it. I'm 2/3rds done the embroidery. Thank god for the GO train and my daily commute, it gives me lots of time for that.

Yay blog! Its the cool thing to do.

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