Friday, March 19, 2010

This is what I accomplished at school today

Fridays are the day that I have class non-stop in front of the computer. And we usually don't progress very quickly. Today I made a veggie man (that was the assignment...make something out of vegetables in photoshop...) and a pattern of houses in Hamilton. Google Street View is awesome for that. All these houses are near where I live, either on Herkimer or Charlton.

The end!


katie said...


first- i love the houses. print some fabric, i'll buy it from you! orr, i can just print it for you!

second- sooo glad i didn't go to class where we made veggie people! haha. waste. of. life.


Kate Hunter said...

Ya houses! One day when I'm back in full textile printing mode, I'll do it. I like hammer town houses.

I still can't believe we had a 3 hour class of making vegetable people. I wonder what we'll do this week! Maybe we'll make a veritable vegetable metropolis.

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