Sunday, May 30, 2010

a bien tot!

We're outta here tonight! Our flight leaves at 9pm, stopping over in Reykjavik (thankfully no delays related to the volcano right now), and ending up in Paris. I'm very excited.

Our finalized itinerary is:
Paris for one week
WWOOFing in Burgundy for two weeks
take a train to Belgium, where we stay in Brussels one night, Brugges the next
take a train to Amsterdam, where we stay 6 days before we leave.

We're meeting up with my friend (and first year textiles teacher) Thea in Paris (we're going to Versailles together on Thursday!), and she told me about this book, Paris: Made by Hand, by Pia Jane Bijkerk. Its a guide to where to find handmade and vintage items in Paris. She has a blog, and after reading it for a bit, I found discovered that she's coming out with a new book on June 5th, Amsterdam: Made by Hand! How convenient! And I also learned about the Urban Arts Festival that's happening in Amsterdam the Saturday before we leave. We are definitely going and I'm definitely supremely excited!!!

We're not bringing a laptop, so I don't know how often/if I'll be posting while away. So, aurevoir for now!

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