Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, I'm going to our friends wedding tomorrow. I'm wearing the dress that I bought from the girls at white elephant/love it alot from their etsy store ainslie wood a few months ago. I got it altered, so now it fits nicely. I was going to go buy new shoes to wear with it, but after shopping for clothes/shoes for Erick's grad formal a week ago, I'm not really interested in hitting up the mall and spending moola on shoes. My current selection of dressy footwear is somewhat limited. Mostly black flats.

Anyhoo, I'll probably wear a pair of said black flats, but I feel they need to relate to something black on the dress. Its too hot for me to think right now. Someone think for me.

Question: should I wear a black ribbon belt around my waist, or should I go without? Glurgh. Look at my shitty photobooth photos and if you feel like letting me know, tell me!


Kerri said...

Barb, Rachel and I all vote for the belt!
(I passed the computer around the living room)

Kate Hunter said...
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Kate Hunter said...

Thanks girls! Now that the heat as eased off, I'm confident with that decision.

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