Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a camera and an expensive gorgeous apartment

So I just lucked out and got an old Yashica TL Electro (with 50mm lens, case, and manual) on ebay for $35 including shipping. Seems like a good deal to me! I feel like I'm in grade 10 again, which was probably the last time I was regularly searching online for a film SLR
for my photography class. I hope I can make this camera give me some decent photos. I'm excited for film, even if it costs me more.

Speaking of costing more, Erick and I just looked at the most beautiful apartment at Herkimer and Caroline- I believe it was 124 Herkimer. And by beautiful I mean stunning. Its on a second floor of a grand old house, has 12 foot ceilings throughout, 3 giant bay windows, medallions above the ceiling light fixtures, dark hardwood floors, a giant beautiful bathroom, big kitchen, counterspace...drool. And it is in immaculate condition. I should have taken pictures. BUT its expensive. And there was no garden space. We cooould indulge ourselves and take it, but I don't think we should. Its about $500 a month more than what we're paying now. That's $6000 a year more! So as beautiful as it was, and as shitty the other options on the rental market are right now, I think we'll pass.

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jenna rose said...

I know the house. I walk by it with the dog everyday. I just said the other day 'what an amazing house for an apartment, imagine how nice it is inside!'

Good luck on your search elsewhere. On Hess between Charlton and Duke has a nice house with a loft available...fyi.

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