Monday, May 10, 2010


The Furniture and Textile departments at Sheridan have planned a trip to New York for a few days in order to check out the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, amongst other things. They leave this Friday. I hemmed and hawed about whether I should go, then opted not to. Erick's class is having their last big formal event before they graduate (and they've all been fun thus far), it would cost me moola I don't have, and Erick wanted to maybe go on a road trip in the states somewhere. I was bummed, but figured it was logical not to go.

Well, now we've decided to indeed go on a road trip, and we opted to go to New York! Erick wanted to drive to Tennessee, or Ohio, but we figured New York City was probably a more logical and guaranteed entertaining choice. We'll drive part way there the first day, camp overnight in a state park, then continue on, and stay in a hostel when we get there. Erick's never been, and last time I was there was summer of grade 8. I was with my dad, which was great- we saw 3 Broadway shows and all the usual tourist attractions. But now we can explore on our own, and not necessarily hit all the main tourist traps. I just stumbled across hither and thither, a blog by married couple Ashley and Aron who currently live in New York. They have some nice photos (see above) and their posts are giving me some great ideas about where to go (and eat...drool).

So anyhoo, now I feel a little spoiled. And guilty. My mum loves guilt tripping me whenever I partake in indulgent activities. Meh! Mini adventures around town this week (Dundurn Castle, St. Jacobs farmers market, etc), road trip to New York next week, one more week that is currently completely open (with the exception of a wedding), then we leave for Paris! A week there, then WWOOFing in Burgundy for 2 weeks, then a week in Amsterdam. I'm excited.


Ashley said...

Indulge! No guilt! (Easier said than done, I know.) Glad you like the photos--thank you. You'll have to share what comes from the new camera. Have fun in the city!

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks! NYC was great, now I just need to go back again to do everything we didn't fit in. I'm cool with that though.

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