Thursday, May 6, 2010

a close-knit community

I was going through old bookmarks, and came across this! I can't believe I didn't post about it earlier. Basically, a group of ladies has been knitting a replica of their small English village for the past 23 years! Its amazing. Go read the article.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I'm the mum of "Katie-did", and she's had me following your blog all spring.I'm so sorry I miss you at the open house last week.I love your furniture.I am a compulsive, addicted cross stitcher.(I stitch EVERYDAY!!)I loved the wall cabinet with the stitched insert, and your green kids table is terrific.(my day job is I run ahome daycare, my girls would love that table!)I stitched a series of English cottages for my late mother-in-law, so I have scads of patterns if you ever want to browse.I made your recipe for Swiss meringue buttercream icing for a chum's b-day cake on Tuesday-best icing I've ever made! I feel that we would have lots to chat about, so Kate will have to bring you over for tea soon. jane xo

Kate Hunter said...

Thank you!! Katie has told me all about you, and it certainly does sound like we'd get along. I'm glad you liked my pieces in the show. Now I know who wrote "from Kate's mum" on the chalkboard! I was confused, since your Kate is Katie to us, and my name is Kate, and my mum was there and she didn't write it. But anyways, I'd love to visit you and Katie in London sometime this summer!

Chloe Lees said...

This is effing amazing.

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