Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh sweet summer!

I am just in love with all the photos that Abby (of abby try again) takes. They're so soft and dreamy. And these ones are nice and spring/summery. They make me excited for summer and being outdoors and adventuring. They also make me inclined to buy myself a vintage Yashica TL Electro, which is what she uses to take her photos. I may or may not have already trolled ebay and etsy...we'll see though.

I'm getting particularly excited right now because Erick is writing his final big licensing exam tomorrow (from 8am-5pm! That's just nuts). And therefore, as of tomorrow at 5pm, he will be free, free, FREE!! until July 1st. Oh glorious freedom. Which means we can do fun things together again. Like maybe a road trip. And hunt for new (to us) bikes. And look forward to Hillside (we got our tickets this past weekend). And maybe plan our France trip. Excited.

Oh, hi Erick.

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