Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This past weekend was the Hillside music festival in Guelph. It was awesome as usual. I think this was our 4th Hillside experience. Friends, delicious food, great music. The weather on Saturday was wet and very muddy, but Sunday was perfect. If you look at the picture of the car you can see the evidence of when we got stuck in the mud in the parking lot at 12am on Saturday. Fun! Really, it was fun. Highlights music wise: The Wooden Sky, The Acorn, Basia Bulat, Sarah Harmer, Zeus, Braids, Holy Fuck, the Tabla Guy, and Stars. Highlights food wise: pulled pork sandwich and baked potato, ethiopian tastiness, indian taco, chickpea and butternut squash roti. Oh, and ice cream cones. Nom.

p.s. Can you see the dog puppet enjoying the music in the last photo? I love seeing random puppets clapping along at concerts.

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