Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

On Sunday, Erick and I took a little trip to Guelph to visit Back Peddling. Back when I was a U of Guelph-er, this was where my friends and I went to search for bikes. They have a massive selection of new and used bikes. Erick's old one was his dad's hand me down, and it had essentially bit the dust. Mine was an old cruiser that my mum found for me at a garage sale for $11. It was a great bike (its name was Kermit- it was green), but so clunky and it was always developing new issues. I never wanted to ride it because I didn't trust it to stop going down a hill or not fall apart when going over a bump. So Erick traded his bike in at Back Peddling, and my bike is probably destined for the cottage.

Anyways, Erick got lucky and found a great used road bike for a steal. I tried out some road bikes, but no. Cruisers are for me. There was nothing for me in their used bike section, but this one new black bike kept catching my eye. I finally gave in and asked how much it was, thinking it'd be a million bucks. NOPE! It was $399. Which I think is a pretty good deal for a new bike. Plus I convinced my parents to pay for half of it as an advanced x-mas present. Its a Manhattan Cruiser and the guys at the shop said its one of their favourite bikes right now. Its simple, durable, and reliable. And sleek but yet not in your face flashy. And I think its the first brand new bike I've ever owned in my entire life. So yeah, I love it. Now I just need to think of a name for it. Black Beauty? The Black Stallion? What else is black...

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