Thursday, August 5, 2010

new place!

Erick and I have been looking for a new apartment since he found out he got into residency in Hamilton. That's 3 months of constantly checking craigslist, kijiji, viewit, etc. I was getting a little sick of searching to say the least. Our current place is very big and cheap and great, but its at a busy intersection (loud traffic always), almost all our neighbours smoke, the kitchen is majorly subpar, and there is essentially no outdoor space.

So we finally found a new place! The pictures above are from the ad that was posted. Its very cute, on the top two floors of a nice old house on Charlton, west of Locke St. The kitchen has been nicely updated with lots of cupboard space (halleluiah), a dishwasher (thank goodness), a gas stove (yes!), and a double sink (I officially hate single sinks with a passion). There's a living room and small dining room (!), with an adorable old built in hutch. Drool. Claw foot tub in the bathroom, a spare room (office), and the second floor has room for both the bedroom and some other functional space (studio?). Oh, and did I mention that we have full access to the awesome backyard and freedom to use it as we please?? That was the clincher for me. And there's a vegetable garden already started! And we have a super cute balcony off the kitchen. I lurve it.

I apologize for rambling, but I'm so thrilled to have found something. We get posession Sept 3rd. I'm already purging clutter we've collected in this house, thinking about the move, and planning the garden I'm going to start.



katie said...

congrats!! im excited to see it when your all moved it!

Kate Hunter said...

i'm excited to move in! i must admit, i've gotten used to moving every year for the past...5 years. each new place is usually better than the next. so this one better top them all because we probably won't move out of it for 3 years.

Meg said...

yay! it's so cute!

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