Wednesday, August 4, 2010

quilts galore.

I've been thinking about making a quilt lately. I need a project besides knitting/embroidery/making a dress, something that's big and repetitive. We're going up to my parents cottage next week, and I have a grand idea of using plants I can find up there (sumac, queen anne's lace, etc) to dye a variety of natural fabrics to make a quilt. I wanted to do this last summer but never had time/didn't have a specific project to use the fabric for. I love the colours produced by natural dyes and I think they'd make a beautiful quilt. I'm thinking of doing something simple like the one on the top, or the one on the bottom by Rosalyn. The map one in the middle is also amazing.


Hollie said...

i love the quilt on the bottom. well, i love them all. but that one especially.

Kate Hunter said...

Isn't the bottom one great! Rosalyn- who was in one of my textiles classes at Sheridan- made it. I love the yellow.

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