Thursday, September 16, 2010

chairs chairs chairs

I'm going through my too-small usb key right now, trying to make some room on it. I came across these scans as well as a gajillion other things. I need a new external hard drive I think. Anyways, I made this book in my first year textiles class with handmade felt and paper, then embroidered the little chairs on. It was fun. I've done more chair embroideries since then and sold some on etsy back when I had a shop. I enjoy embroidery.

I also enjoy the pressed panini that I just ate, which had brie, roasted red pepper, roasted zucchini, fresh tomato and lettuce from the garden, and pesto in it. Yum.


Kerri said...

I loved these chairs! That Eames on the cover especially. Tres adorable.
And your panini sounds delicious. My new roommate brought a panini press that she told me I'm welcome to use, perhaps I shall try it out when I get home tonight!

jenna rose said...

I love these kate! They are so sweet.

Kate Hunter said...

Thank you!

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