Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I often feel a very strong pull to live on the coast. Any coast. Just near some large body of salt water. I came across these photos by French illustrator/artist Flora Douville this morning, and felt that strong pull again. I love the ocean and the sand and shells and bits of sea/beach life that come along with it.

Speaking of the coastal-ish things, Erick and I are currently considering a trip to Portland Oregon. We've both wanted to visit Portland for awhile now, and we both have a week of vacation coming up the 2nd last week of October. I was trying to be the voice of frugalness and reason (we just had a great big trip!), but Erick is slowly (and relatively easily) convincing me that we should just go. It would be amazing if we do.

Now its time to do an assignment before heading off to school. We're going to the opera tonight for my Dye and Print class! We're seeing Aida, and I'm sort of excited.

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