Sunday, September 26, 2010

A solid weekend.

This weekend was excellent and packed. Friday night we went into TO and met up with our friend Amanda. She has an adorable new apartment on Palmerston Ave- it's to die for. Hung out there a bit, then headed to the Harbourfront Centre where Thea had an opening for an exhibition of adorable and impressive hand sewn preserves. Amazing! Then we went to Rancho Relaxo where my brother's band, The Formalists, were playing. They were great, and my bro (Will) rocked out on the keyboard, electric guitar, banjo, and accordion. He's going to York for music and has some serious talent. Fun night!

Then the rest of the weekend was devoted to Hamilton. Saturday morning we went to the Ottawa St. Farmer's market. I bought a ton of sweet red peppers and hot cherry bomb peppers, which I will post about tomorrow. It was also the Ottawa St. Street sale (see above photos), which meant we got distracted by antique stores. We got a nice chair for Erick's desk, and the cute yellow chair that Sookie is pictured on above, both at a steal. I was very pleased.

Saturday was also the James North Super Crawl! We planned on checking it out during the day, but then got distracted by Ottawa St. So we wound up heading down to James St in the evening (after madly cleaning the apartment since my parents were coming the next day). Verdict: Super Crawl was a great success! Last year it was rainy, so spirits were dampened a bit, but this year it majorly in full swing and very busy! Excellent. Except I forgot my camera as per usual.

Then today my ma and pa visited. Enjoyed lunch at the Bread Bar, etc. Then they left, and I made red pepper jelly and pickled the cherry bomb peppers.

The end.

p.s. Erick and his iphone might be occasional contributors to blog photos now and then...its too easy to take pictures whenever with that thing. Especially when I forget my camera.

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Hollie said...

that chair is INCREDIBLE! i'm dying with jealousy...

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