Thursday, September 2, 2010

Textiles switcheroo

Its essentially official: I'm going to be a full time textiles student this year! As some of you know, I started in furniture design at Sheridan, and I've enjoyed it immensely over the past 2 years. But I've always been trying to jam as many textile classes into my schedule as possible, incorporating textiles into my furniture projects, etc. I almost switched this past year after 1st semester, but changed my mind last minute. I love furniture, but I also love textiles, and I know that I need to give textiles my undivided attention for a bit to see if it is what I'd prefer to focus on in the future.

Not going to lie, I'm excited to have less sawdust in my life.

photo by my friend Nikki

1 comment:

Kerri said...

Amazingness! I'm super excited to be sharing the studio space with you! And hopefully we shall have some studio classes together textiles 2, perhaps?

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