Wednesday, October 6, 2010

an excellently large desk.

I finally have my second desk. It is large, tall, and great. Erick the Awesome took his post call day (he got 6 hours sleep while at the General last night - a miracle) and used it to collect the pieces needed to make the much anticipated desk. Ikea FINALLY restocked the trestles that I wanted to use. So he got those, then went to Home Depot and got me a 32''x80'' slab door. I came home to all this excellentness, and we assembled everything. I was super thrilled when I realized that the desk could be raised up to counter height. It's a perfect height for my bar stools that I made last year. And very sturdy. At last I can start to get my workspace organized!

p.s. Sookie brought a live centipede to bed with me last night. It was a nice surprise when I reached over to see what she was doing, felt the bug, realized it wasn't her toy, then turned the light on and saw it. Pleasant. I immediately flicked it across the room and prayed that Sookie would not find it again and bring it back. She didn't. Phew.


Elizabeth said...

This looks amazing, Kate!

Kate Hunter said...

Thank you! I'm so happy to have a big tall desk at last!

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