Wednesday, October 6, 2010

POPcorn on the cob.

We went to the Ottawa St. farmers market again this weekend. Along with the other tasty produce we purchased, we also bought a cob of corn. No ordinary cob of corn though. This cob of corn came with a little card which had instructions on how to turn it into pop corn! Easy! Fun! Yum!
1. wash corn
2. rub with some oil
3. microwave in a paper bag for 2.5 minutes
4. open bag and be impressed
5. enjoy the fact that there is still popped corn attached to the cob. a whole other way of eating corn on the cob.
6. add some beurre if you'd like. (i'd like).

p.s. Please ignore my grimy looking nails. it is merely dye that does not want to come off. Thanks textiles classes!

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