Thursday, October 21, 2010

Textile museum assignment: are they pickles? hot dogs?

This is my recent dye and print assignment. We went to the textile museum as a class, and chose a piece to draw inspiration from to create a design of our own. We actually weren't explicitly told that the first thing we chose to sketch would be the only thing we'd be sticking with until the end of the project, but whatevs. So I chose the above piece created by craftswomen in Panama, entitled "Flying bird with letters carrying a fish". Nice. Anyways, clearly I focused only on the cute little elongated oval-ish elements. I sort of like my shapes since they kept reminding me of pickles, and this summer was the summer of the pickle.

There is no deep meaning to this piece, it was primarily an exercise in playing around with different printing mediums and layering, etc. Also, see that yellow puffy looking line work? It's puff pigment! Like the puff paint stuff we (or at least I) used as a kid to make ridiculous looking shirts and whatnot. You iron it after it dries and it poufs up. Everytime I ironed it, I laughed. So of course I had to use it in my final piece.


Hollie said...

really lovely work. the switch to textiles was a good choice!

Kate Hunter said...

thank you Hollie, I appreciate the comment!

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