Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The rest of Portland (and elsewhere in Oregon)

In short: rented car, drove to mountains. Got engaged. Drove to Mount Hood where we unexpectedly encountered snow. Corner room at the Ace Hotel, Clyde Common dinner in our room. Yum. Nice flowers too, acquired by you know who. Drove to coast. Cannon Beach. Big seaweed things. Hiked, saw beautiful views. Spent last day in Portland walking Mississippi/Alberta street. Encountered goats in someone's backyard. Stayed in another room at the Ace. Flew home.

An absolutely lovely vacation.

Oh, and Erick took this silly video:


Amy said...

Jealous! I want to go there soooo bad. That hotel looks amazing and I love the shot of you on the beach with that massive seaweed/snake/Loch Ness monster.

Kate Hunter said...

You should go. It was AWESOME!

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