Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dancing shoes!

Almost every year on Christmas eve my family and I watch White Christmas. The scene with Vera Ellen tap dancing in her yellow dress (and other great musical movies from the 40s/50s) made me want to learn to dance so badly. Tap or jazz. In grade 4 or 5 I told my mum that I'd like to take dance lessons. She signed me up for highland dancing. Not exactly what I'd had in mind.


Chloe Lees said...

I just found your blog through the lovely Loveitalot blog.
My family's tradition is also to watch White Christmas on Christmas Eve, and that dance has always been my favourite...I just felt compelled to share! :)

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks for sharing! Yeah, this dance is my favourite too. Though I do enjoy the "Sisters, Sisters.." scene as well, both the one done by the girls and the parody by the boys. Tres fun!

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