Thursday, December 16, 2010

my small x-mas/b'day list.

I have a tendency to be incapable of coming up with a solid wish list whenever christmas and my birthday (which are just 1.5 weeks apart) come around. So this is my list this year. It's honestly all I can think of!! I'm blanking. But yes.
1. boots from Roots. I saw a girl wearing them at the OOAK show and liked them. I'm a very picky boot person.
2. Hunter boots. I feel that I need to own a pair because of my last name. Possibly in Aubergine.
3. The Pattern Sourcebook: 100 years of Surface Design by Drusilla Cole
4. Jacqueline Groag: Textile and Pattern design

If am lucky enough to get some boots it will probably be one pair or the other, not both. I'm also asking for a new scanner, cause ours died. A pony would be nice too.

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