Thursday, December 9, 2010

faux fauna. hee haw!

I saw this little needle felted guy at the OOAK show and had to get him. Sabine Alpers of Felt Factory makes a whole series of "faux fauna"; horses, goats, moose, deer, cows, pigs etc. They are awesome. Sabine lives in Montreal and works on her textiles designs in the winter and spends her summers farming and organizing community events. Sounds like a good life, eh?

This donkey was my gift to Erick on our 8 year anniversary. Weird gift for an anniversary present? I say NO! He is awesome and Erick loves him. He doesn't have a name right now, but clearly deserves one. Erick has suggested Leroy.


lark + linen said...

Leroy is probably the most perfect name ever ever for this guy.

Kate Hunter said...

I completely agree. Leroy it is.

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