Tuesday, December 7, 2010

July 30, 2011!

Well, one wedding thing can now be checked off the list. Venue!! And the winner is...Ball's Falls! The name is somewhat unfortunate (invitations will say "please join us at Ball's Falls", gah!), but it's great! Barn! Reasonably priced! Cute area! Very much so bare bones, which means we have free reign to put our own stamp on the place. Yay!

Only two days were available in 2011: July 9th and 30th. We opted for July 30th. It will give us one more month to get organized at the very least. Hopefully it won't be a scorcher or horridly humid! Knock wood!

I think we might also rent the church for the ceremony. We're not religious, but it would be cute, and a good potential rain back up plan. I'd like an outdoor ceremony, but they have a rule about having a max of 25 guests (they don't want to damage the grounds with chairs etc). So we'll see what happens with that.

p.s. thanks to Hollie for suggesting Ball's Falls to me repeatedly!


katie said...

ohh cute venue!!

Kerri said...

That's so exciting Kate! And the end of July means you'll always have your anniversary close to a long weekend!
The spot looks absolutely perfect....and you could even do something like this for your guests, maybe with 25 chairs for older guests and such?

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks girls! I have numerous ideas for for decorating this clean slate. It's tres fun, but a very bad distraction from doing school work!

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