Thursday, December 16, 2010

flower power.

pink wedding bouquet

I wish peonies were in season for our wedding. They're a spring bloomer, not mid summer. As I mentioned (or if I hadn't mentioned it, I'm mentioning it now), I want to do as much as I can on my own for this wedding. And I also want to keep things as local and environmentally friendly as I can. I already have big plans to grow all the flowers for the bouquets and table decor etc myself. With the help of my mum, the master gardener. So peonies are out, but zinnias are possibly in. They're bright (pinks, yellows, oranges, whites), easy to grow, and are sturdy flowers that do well when picked. Less romantic than peonies, more playful:


Dahlias are also an option that would be in season:


On the other hand, I also really like the idea of using baby's breath as the main flower in an arrangement:

Isabel Marant Wedding Dress

Or this feverfew and billy balls (craspedia) bouquet, it's adorable:

billy balls buttons daisy bouquet wedding

and would go well with these table arrangements:


Agh! So many decisions to make. I feel the need to make mock-up flower arrangements before committing to growing whichever flower(s) it is I want to use. Not to mention mock-up table arrangements, decorations, etc. AAH!

photos from here, here, here, and here.


Jane said...

Totally reminds me of this, which is ADORABLE:

Hollie said...

love these options. dahlia's are a personal favourite of mine.

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