Friday, January 7, 2011

family photo friday. of birthdays past.

kate's 6th b'day party
kate's '92 birthday

My birthday, 1992.

p.s. I am wearing a yellow tiara. I REALLY REALLY wanted to wear the pink one, but Kelly said that she wanted the pink one. So being the pushover that I was, I let her wear it. Even though I was the birthday girl. I still remember being very annoyed about that.

p.p.s. note the little mermaid theme.

p.p.p.s the back of both photos say kate's 6th birthday. I think we decorated the graham cracker sleighs after we ate the playmobil cake. I believe they were the party favours for all of my little guests. A semi-disjointed theme: mermaid decor, playmobil cake, sleigh favours.

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