Thursday, January 6, 2011

a quarter of a century


Yesterday was my 25th birthday. TWENTY FIVE! I like being 25. I feel 25.

The day before my birthday, I met my sister and my mum at William Ashley on Bloor St in Toronto. My mum thought it would be a good idea to look at fine china and silverware to see if there was anything I'd like to put on my registry. The thought of fine china and silverware hadn't even crossed my mind until she brought it up. So we looked around, and essentially nothing appealed to me (except for some flatware). There was so much white china with a silver or gold border. BORING. And lots with frilly butterflies and flowers. Ugh. Plus, I just don't know how I feel about fine china. Or at least acquiring new fine china. My grandma has Aynsley china in the Pembroke pattern (pictured above). At least it is relatively colourful compared to most of what I saw.

Anyways, that was entertaining if not entirely fruitful. After that we met up with my dad at the Windsor Arms where we had tea. Yum! My parents gave me another textile related book, then we went to Anthropologie and mum bought me a cute dress.

On my real birthday (i.e. yesterday) Erick gave me an iphone!!! Bad man. I had a feeling he was going to get me one. He wasn't stealthy enough when trying to establish whether I actually wanted one. Either way, it is an excellent gift which I will make good use of. We went to Spencer's at the Waterfront in Burlington for dinner, and I had a delicious duck and sweet potato pizza.

All in all a good birthday!


jenna rose said...

i missed it, but better late than never, so, Happy Birthday Kate!

Oh, and I think your grandmother's china is beautiful.

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks Jenna!

Yeah, I quite like my grandma's china. I think I might hold off for now and hope that one day I can have it.

p.s. I saw people skating on the lake yesterday!

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