Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bag project: a work in progress.

For my dye and print class we have to make a collection of 3 related bags. Here's a preview of my first sample, which was going to be a final piece, but might not be because it came out way more dark purple than I'd planned. I machine stitched cotton string onto canvas to make the pattern, then added some hand embroidered embellishments. Then I died it naturally with logwood. If I mordant it with an iron bath it will change colour and probably become more of a grey-ish blue. I might try that.

My bags are inspired by vintage military gear, and I was planning on making a duffel bag, a backpack, and a shoulder bag. I'm afraid I might be taking on too much with all these different bags which I need to make patterns for, and then sew myself. They're due in one week, so it may be duffel bags all around! Duffel bags for all!


jenna rose said...

this would make a beautiful duffel bag!

Kate Hunter said...

thanks Jenna!

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