Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Erick is a rad dude.

I have a super duper fiancé. (Agh, fiancé! I find that word too fancy. But I suppose I'll use it since it is only applicable for a limited period of time).

While I was away this weekend Erick decided to go out and get me a present, just because he missed me and is super thoughtful. He surprised me with these adorable moveable paper dolls by Jordan Grace Owens, which I'd been eyeballing at White Elephant for awhile. And he also gave me that super cute card from Mixed Media. Isn't he the best? YES!

Erick, you're a keeper.


Chloe Lees said...

As a recent bulldog owner, I am in love with that card.

And you could always used 'betrothed' instead of fiancé and feel like you're in a Jane Austen novel ;)

Elizabeth Simpson said...

What a super dude! Erick wins.

Kate Hunter said...

Betrothed! Yeah! We should bring that term back in style.

Erick is pretty super. I like him.

Hollie said...

i totally used betrothed when mike and i were engaged.

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