Sunday, April 3, 2011

St. Lawrence Market and the Brickworks

I worked at the One of A Kind Show for Jenna on Friday and Saturday night. Always a fun job! After Friday's shift, I took the subway up to my parents' house in Thornhill. Saturday morning my mum and I ventured out to the St. Lawrence market. One vendor was selling freshly made pasta and pasta sauce. I had a sample, it was DELISH. Pasta is one of my favourite foods. And bread. I love carbs. Anyway, I am now super inspired to get back to making fresh pasta! I haven't done so since I posted about it back in January. I think I need that ravioli maker.

After the St. Lawrence market, we paid a visit to the Brickworks. My parents have been frequenting it for a long time now, and are always raving about it. I failed to take photos of all the activity that was going on while we were there, but trust me, it was hopping.

The site was previously known as the Don Valley Brickworks, and operated for nearly 100 years. It provided bricks for numerous historical buildings in Toronto (Casa Loma, Osgoode Hall, and Massey Hall, to name a few). Evergreen, a national charity group that is dedicated to restoring nature in urban environments, is now renovating and revitalizing the site. They have a weekly farmers' market, activities for kids happening all the time, hiking trails, ponds, a garden market where they sell native plants, organic and heritage food plants, etc, etc. It doesn't feel like you're in the city when you're there. And you can rent some of the buildings and spaces for events. I did consider it for our wedding. It would be spectacular to get married there. You can actually have your reception where all the old brick kilns are! That would be SO COOL! I can't remember why we didn't go with it...price was likely the deterrent. But it's ok, Ball's falls will do.

Anyways, good weekend.

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