Saturday, May 28, 2011

family photo friday. morgan the cat.

Another family photo posted on a Saturday. They may not be human family members, but I do consider pets to be family. This is Morgan, one of the cats my grandparents owned. He's chilling on the giant sun burst rug that is in the living room at the cottage. My grandpa made that rug (and many others) himself.

We got back from Nova Scotia last night. I'll post about that later this week. Right now I am stressing to the max. I at that point where I feel like I have a million things to do but just don't know where to start. Clean the house first? Do laundry? Work on invitations? Figure out where to get them printed? Knit commission? Order large amount of expensive felt? Figure out how to install the Sheridan piece? Gah! 63 days until the wedding, 94 until the commission is due, and a million other things to do.

I'm going to go make a list so I can start checking things off.

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