Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nova Scotia

We had a wonderful vacation in Nova Scotia. We were there for a month three years ago when Erick did an elective in Antigonish, but it feels like it was just last summer. Our friends' wedding in Halifax was great, Halifax was super, and our road trip was fun! It was overcast most of the time we were there, but we were lucky and only had a few hours of rain the entire time.

After visiting friends and Erick's sister in Halifax on the weekend, we headed out on a road trip to Cape Breton. On the way we visited Pomquet beach just outside of Antigonish. I took photos with my Pentax as well, but later realized that the film had not caught on the winder thing (professional terminology) properly, and I hadn't taken a single picture. Uncool.

Lichen along the Cabot Trail.

Yeah, that's moose poo. We saw 2 moose, but I'm surprised we didn't see more considering how ubiquitous their droppings were.

The Skyline hike off of the Cabot trail is definitely one of my favourite. Beautiful views and crazy wind.

There are so many amazing hikes and sights to be seen along the Cabot Trail. It was nice having an entire day of just nature, and it was good to have some enthusiastic travel companions to convince me to do some hikes I likely would have wimped out on (like the one hour hike that was straight up the entire way and I was hungry, and the 8am hike in the pouring rain with no rain coat).

After our three day road trip to Cape Breton, we drove to the picturesque coastal town of Lunenberg. I can understand why Anna (one of the Bees) wants to live there one day! It's adorable, and I think we were able to really appreciate it since it was definitely not quite tourist season when we were there.

We visited the Lunenberg farmer's market on Thursday and were introduced to Ironworks Distillery. They use almost entirely local ingredients in their alcohol. The owners are a husband and wife team (probably around the same age as my parents) who had no experience whatsoever doing anything like this until a couple of years ago. They read a magazine article, got interested, and just did it! Entrepreneurial, adventurous, and inspiring.

We brought home a bottle of their cranberry liqueur. I think it will be delicious over ice with something fizzy in the summer.

While in Lunenberg we visited the Bluenose. Its bow was majorly hogged, so now they're spending over 14 million dollars rebuilding it.

And that, in a nut shell, was our trip to Nova Scotia. Oh, I failed to mention how tasty the food was. So much seafood! And I had 5 bowls of chowder in 5 days. I would have continue on my spree, but started to feel mildly guilty about all the cream was I was consuming. Mmm, so good though. Oh, and we did go to Peggy's Cove as well, but it was so foggy and for some reason I only took a couple of photos with my digital camera. Maybe I'll do an iphone photo blog post with food and other photos. We'll see.

Now back to reality! Not that reality is so bad, it's just busier.


katie said...

looks like you guys had a great time! love all your photos! especially the coloured houses. i'd love to go back out east, i went with my family like 10 years ago.

Kate Hunter said...

thanks Katie! I love the east coast, you should definitely go back to visit.

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