Friday, June 3, 2011

family photo friday. puff ball!

1975, grandma, uncle bobby, and a surprisingly giant puffball!

Puffballs are huge fungi. We find them up at the cottage some times. Chop 'em up, fry 'em in some butter, and nom. Tastes good.


Danielle said...

I have always wanted to try a puff ball -that is a whole lotta mushroomy goodness!

Amy said...

So awesome.

I was guiding a kayak trip on the Grand River one time and one of the kids found a puffball like that in the woods. Everyone started freaking out, screaming IT'S A DINOSAUR EGG!

Amanda said...

That, is one hilarious photo.
How do you know you can eat it and it won't poison you?!
Uncle Bobby looks fun.

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