Friday, September 23, 2011

family photo friday: grandpa's farm

My aunt Margo and grandma at grandpa's farm, 1985.

"Grandpa's farm" wasn't really a farm, we just called it that. My grandparents bought a plot of land a few minutes away from the cottage years and years ago. I'm not entirely sure why. I'd say as an investment, but within the past decade my grandparents donated the land to Nature Conservancy Canada, so no money was made with it. It really was a decent sized plot of land, and included forest, fields, and a big swamp with beaver dams and the whole shebang. My grandpa (and other family members) established some gardens up there. There were zinnias and gladioli, daffodils, lilies, and some vegetables. I vaguely remember digging up potatoes one year. I do remember having to close the gate to the garden so the deer wouldn't get in. There were lots of apple trees too (you can seed some in the photo). And a small wood shed that sort of creeped me out for some reason. Almost every fall we'd have a big family picnic up there, and cook hotdogs and sausages over the fire. I miss that.

Fall picnic anyone?? One with a bonfire, sausages, apples, pie, wine and pumpkin beer? Mmm, good idea Kate.

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thea said...

We used to have very similar sounding picnics at my grandparent's farm. Hot dogs and marshmallows were roasted on sticks over the fire. My grandpa used to tutor us and supervise the hunt for the perfect roasting stick, usually a willow switch.

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