Thursday, October 13, 2011

flowers and leaves and felt.

Last night I finally bit the bullet and laid out the felt and the flowers and leaves that have been knit for the Hazel McCallion Sheridan campus wall hanging. I had been avoiding doing that for so long because I was super afraid that I'd do it and realize that I wasn't even close to being done. I just didn't want to know! 

BUT I'M ALMOST DONE. I cannot wait until it's done. It will be such a huge weight off my shoulders. And thank you to my friends who are helping with the knitting! So helpful!I just tossed the knit pieces down to get a sense of it all, and I think I'm doing ok! I WILL finish in time. That's my mantra anyways. It needs to be completed by early November I think (still haven't been given an official completion date...). I also have a big school project due around that time, and other things to do. It's all the other life commitments that makes finishing this piece in a speedy manner quite difficult.

Oh, and clearly I haven't found my battery charger yet. 


Sister Valentine said...

it's looking sweet kate!
hang in there :)

Kate Hunter said...

thanks Francie!

Amanda said...

Whoa. That is a whole lotta knitting.
You can do it!!

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