Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ponies and chickens and ducks, oh my!

We had the most amazing weather for this past Thanksgiving weekend. Probably the warmest one I've ever experienced. It felt like summer. And we definitely made the most of it.
On Saturday morning Erick and I followed the lead of Jane and Jenna and went apple picking at Myers Apple Farm in Copetown. We picked 10 pounds of apples, pet a pot bellied pig, a goat, and a pony. And bought a whole bunch of apple cider and a pumpkin. Afterwards we went to Detour for a delicious lunch on their patio. It was perfection.

Saturday evening a whole group of us went to the Rockton World's Fair. I've wanted to go ever since I heard about it a few years ago, and it did not disappoint! The fancy poultry and fowl that they had on display was probably my favourite part. I totally want to raise fancy chickens and ducks!

There were many other livestock competitions and demonstrations, but we didn't see them because we came in the evening. Next year I definitely want to make a day of it. On Sunday there was an Alpaca show!! And I could have milked a goat. Next year...

The other AMAZING highlight of the fair was the demolition derby. O.M.G. I have never been to a demolition derby, and I didn't really even know what was involved. Basically it's cars ramming into each other (usually in reverse), and the last car running is the winner. It was so amazing and hilarious. And Mike's brother was in it! Amazing. I took a movie with my iphone. It doesn't fully capture the awesomeness of it all. I quite enjoy listening to Roisin laugh throughout the video though.

Then we went to Thornhill for Thanksgiving dinner (times 2) and got very full. A winning weekend.

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