Thursday, November 10, 2011

book making. fun!

In my Dye and Print class on Monday we had a workshop on buttonhole book binding! For that class we have two teachers, and we just switched to the second one for our next assignment. Ana is quite into book making, and while our upcoming assignment has nothing to do with making books, she decided to share some of her skills with a little afternoon workshop.

Initially I wasn't sure how much I'd be into this process, but it was quite fun and satisfying! With just a bit of illustration board, paper, glue, and string, you can make a cute little custom made book! Unfortunately I didn't have appropriately sized pretty paper, so I used some blue ikea wrapping paper for the cover, and a wallpaper sample for the floral bit. But you could make this book with the most beautiful materials. Now I have an excuse to buy some of the gorgeous paper I've drooled over at The Paper Place.

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