Sunday, November 6, 2011

first weekend of NOVEMBER!!!

How is it already November?!? I can't wait until 2012 - I'm really hoping it will bring a slight decrease in how busy I am. Or at least a change in what it is I'm busy with. I'll be done school at the very least. But I also really don't want 2011 to be over - I have so many things to do still! Finish the knit wall, write essays (including a big one on alpaca farming), stay on top of school assignments, work for Jenna, do the One of A Kind Show with her, wrap up a business plan, present the business plan, cross fingers for the future of said business plan. Plus the usual life stuff. All in the next month. 

Anyways, this weekend was nice. Jenna and Jeff went away and asked Erick and I to look after Beau for them!

Jenna left us this adorable guide for babysitting Beau. 

We went for a nice hike along the Bruce Trail in Ancaster. Then did a bunch of yard work at our house - raked leaves, pulled up dead plants, planted bulbs. Fun! Also, Erick is growing a mustache for movember. Can you tell? I didn't think so. 

We (though really mostly Erick) made this DELICIOUS salmon and leek chowder. It was so good. But then again anything with bacon, salmon, leeks, potatoes, and cream can't possibly be bad. Mmm, I'm looking forward to the leftovers. FYI, we left the clam juice out of the recipe. Not exactly something we had on hand, and it wasn't missed.

Beau thinks he's a person and really prefers to sleep like a person - in bed. He's the size of a large child, so there may as well have been three of us in bed! 

It was such a beautiful weekend, so it was really great having a dog as an excuse to go out on numerous walks.

When Beau's mama and papa came home, I went home to my Sookie cat. And way too much school work. 


Amanda said...

Aw, I really love these little tidbits of your life. This post is so nice; it really makes me feel happy.
Also your Sookie cat looks darn good with those pillows!

Kate Hunter said...

I love those pillows!! They're the best, and so cozy.

jenna rose said...

Are those Hudson Bay pillows? Where did you get them?

Also, I think Beau is going through Kate withdrawl (we was hiding out in his house like he does after a week at the cottage and I always say it's cause he's depressed). He'll be happy to see you today!

Kate Hunter said...

They are, they're made from old Hudson's Bay blankets. Amanda (see above) got them for us as a wedding present. I'm fairly certain she got them at The Arthur (

We miss Beau!

Amanda said...

That is correctomundo; I did get them at The Arthur! I'm so glad you like them. Wedding present success!

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