Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victoria day weekend.

Yeah, yeah, the weekend ended a few days ago. But it seems that until I get back into the swing of things, this is going to become a weekend recap sorta blog.

Long weekends are THE BEST. Especially when the weather is beyond perfect, and we cram in a trip to the cottage, biking, and fireworks.
Gypsy used to sleep under the wood burning stove sometimes. Pretty cozy I bet.

My most favourite cheese dome ever.

My family actually has two cottages, right beside each other on adjoining lots. The McCulloch clan is large, so when the next door cottage went up for sale in the late 1980s, my grandparents scooped it up. Each cottage has an organ. Is that weird? Perhaps. But it's also pretty great, and sort of hilarious. You can be eating outside on the patio while listening to my brother playing Super Mario songs on one of them. 

Too bad I've never been a big fan of playing tennis. This is a short bike ride or medium length canoe ride from the cottage. 
We came home from the cottage on Sunday, and a whole bunch of us biked to the Dundas Driving Park for a potluck picnic and fireworks. It was so great.

The end.

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