Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a weekend of art crawl, a concert, bikes, chickens, beer, laundry, cats.

This weekend was lovely. With the sun shining and the thermometer reading above 20°C during the day, it felt like the first weekend of summer. Art Crawl was on Friday, which meant a long day and a packed shop all evening. This was our fourth art crawl at Needlework, and it was by far the busiest. In fact, it was crazy busy! But that's great! Lots of new faces, and many people who hadn't been to an art crawl before. Fun! After we closed up shop, we went to the Dinner Belles concert down at the Leander Boat Club. An excellent end to the night.

On Saturday we ran our first Wiksten tank class. Have I mentioned how much I love that pattern? The answer is: lots. I love it lots. It was great seeing a bunch of wonderful ladies make their own versions.

On Saturday evening a whole gang of us met up at 9:30pm outside of Downtown Bike Hounds with our bikes and lights and helmets in tow. BIKE GANG! Last year the tradition of late night summer group bike rides was started, and it's in full swing again. This was the first group bike ride I'd been able to join this year, and I'm pretty sure Courtney counted at least 20 something of us. Our friends are amazing.

Where did we bike to? 270 Sherman for the closing night of the TH&B exhibit! Erick and I had checked it out during Doors Open Hamilton, but this time the highlight was chickens! And quails, and baby chicks, and roosters, and a turkey! Amazing. 

After 270 Sherman, we hopped back on our bikes, biked to Bayfront park, hung out at the tug boat, biked to Augusta, ditched Augusta, then claimed a new bar for our own. And that was Saturday.

Sunday was all about tidying the house, laundry, gardening, and bbq.


p.s. my camera has taken up almost permanent residence at NW, so unless I remember to make the effort, iphone/instagram is where many of my photos are going to come from these days. Better iphone photos than no photos though, right?

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