Wednesday, August 1, 2012



You know what's great? Vacation. Especially one that involves 2 nights at the cottage, 3 nights camping, 3 nights at Jenna and Jeff's new country home, 1 night back in Hamilton, then a day in Niagara on the Lake and a night at the Inn on the Twenty to celebrate our wedding anniversary. So much outdoor time, so much lounging, so much delicious food.


We camped on an island on Second Depot Lake in the Quinte Conservation Area.

.. . .
. .

Steak and beans.

. IMG_0010 . .


Jenna and Jeff's beautiful new home near Perth, where Jeff is making his own cheese (Back Forty Artisan Cheese) and Jenna has her amazing new studio (previously a sheep shed). Every meal we had with them was so delicious! And we played croquet a lot. I think it's Erick's new favourite lawn game. We had such a good time, even if Peggy and Beau didn't become BFFs.


Jeff burning cheese. It's the Bonnechere, and it's delicious.

. . IMG_0081

Prepping cheese to sell at the Carp Farmer's Market. Bonus aspect of this job: the crumbly bits of cheese that fell off and we ate. Nom nom. Back Forty Cheese is REALLY GOOD! Also, I thought that their blue cheese smelled like cake.

. . . . . .

Old barn nails, handmade many years ago.

. . .

Then we went to Niagara, which was great, but I only took pictures with my phone, so maybe I'll post those later.

Now back to life in Hamilton!

p.s. don't think I've introduced Peggy on this blog yet. We adopted her a couple of months ago and she's the best. Clearly I'm a fan of white dogs with brown spots.


Erin said...

Wow, Kate! That looks like an amazing vacation. And shot so well, too. I want to eat all of that cheese and work in that studio... all day, everyday. Gah!

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks Erin! I totally agree with you re: cheese and the studio.

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