Monday, January 28, 2013

winter knitting

Here are some things I've knit this winter: 

Two pairs of Dala mittens, out of Tanis Fibre Arts yarn. These are the first serious colourwork mittens I've made, and they were fun! It took me awhile to knit them as I would put them down and pick them up a week later, but they really don't take that long to knit. And are really not that tricky! These photos of are them in their unfinished form, but they're done now.

The Wiksten Sn√∂flinga Hat, knit up in some Madeline Tosh. I've worn this hat almost every day this winter. Super comfy. I finished knitting myself a second one last week.
Burly Mitts!  I found this pattern through our knitting fiend of a friend Alex. We have a whole bunch of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn leftover from the Knit Night on The Brain project, so any pattern that can use some of it up is great! These mitts are a super quick knit (a couple of hours/mitt) and are really warm. The above mitts were actually not knit with the Lion Brand yarn, but some other inexpensive wool/acrylic blend. They're my official dog park mitts, so they're a bit rough for wear.I knit Erick a pair of Burly Mitts too.

Had some yarn leftover from my mitts, so I knit this quick Really Warm Hat.
This is my second Wiksten hat (when it was in progress). It's done now, but I haven't taken a photo.  
Oh hi Peg!
Erick knit this hat. Isn't that impressive? The only other thing he'd knit before this was a scarf for Knit Night on The Brain. Good job Erick! I have plans to knit some sweaters soon too.  This cable-y sweater, and a simple raglan. And I think I've convinced Erick that he should knit this sweater for himself.


Chloe Lees said...

Holy crow, those first mittens! Wow.

I really need to learn to knit - maybe a March Break project.

Kate Hunter said...

Knitting is the best! And those first mittens are truly more tricky looking than they actually are! Promise.

Erin said...

Wow! You've been busy! I love it all!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Those mitts are BEAUTIFUL!! Love everything you've made! & your dog is just so sweet.

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