Monday, November 5, 2012

dog walking.

I like having a dog. Yes, it's certainly more responsibility than owning a cat - I can't jet away on unplanned weekend adventures, and day trips to Toronto aren't as simple as before. But the day to day life of having un petit chien is tres bien.

One of my favourite daily activities with the Pegster is our daily walks. We live in a wonderful neighbourhood for dog walking. There are so many great laneways to explore, where I can be a voyeur and peek into people's backyards (and back windows!). And we make good use of her extendi-leash as we rarely run into cars, people, or other dogs. 
We're also really lucky to live just a 10 minute walk from the escarpment and the Bruce Trail. 

And the Chedoke rail trail is pretty great.
And so are the RBG grounds.

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