Sunday, April 28, 2013

pacific coast road trip plans

photo from The Walrus and The Carpenter
Erick and are going on vacation for 12 days as of Tuesday! What?! Yes. This was a sort of last minute planned vacay. We knew we were going to go somewhere in the world, but didn't decide where exactly until a few weeks ago. We considered Italy for a couple of weeks, then changed out mind. Engage Operation Pacific Coast Road Trip! We're flying to Seattle and then gradually road tripping down to San Francisco. This is our rough itinerary:

We're staying in air bnbs the whole way down, which is excellent. So yes, we have flights booked, accommodations booked (for the most part), but other than that we have not much else planned. I've mostly been figuring out where we should eat, because really, that's what's important. Foodie road trip? Sort of. Everything else will fall into place I hope. Today's my last mostly free day before we leave, so I'll be doing laundry, packing, and figuring out what we should be doing/seeing on our trip.

I'M EXCITED! I'm going to pick up a new book to read today. And bring either some socks to knit or some hand paper piecing. Flying and driving and adventures, oh my.

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