Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hi! In theory it's officially spring, but in practice it is not. Below zero today, with a super cold wind and flurries. After an hour of braving the elements for the sake of Peg, I spent a large chunk of my day off watching episodes of The Hour and knitting another pair of socks. I'm really enjoying this show so far! I'm super into anything that's British, drama filled, with some crime/mystery. This one's set in the 50s, and that is most excellent. It's on Netflix, you should watch it.

Here are some more photos of my pysanka eggs that I made last week. Well, the ones that survived that is.

This one's actually Erick's. He went for a more abstract approach. He doesn't like it, but I do!

The back of Erick's egg.

On Wednesday I made another egg during Craft Night at NW. Unfortunately I dropped it on the table. Fortunately only the back cracked.

The hole in the back allows me to hang it on the wall! So all was not lost.

After my marathon of The Hour, I finally started some of my vegetable seeds. Just kale and some lettuce. Others I plan to direct seed once it's warm enough, and some plants I'll buy as starts later in the season (tomatoes from Tree and Twig for sure!). 

My mum got me this big 10-year gardener's journal for Christmas this year. It helps keep track of what plants you bought, when you planted them, how they faired, etc. Fun!

 Hopefully the weather will warm up soon!

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Erin said...

That journal is genius and a perfect gift for a certain gardener I know... :)

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