Tuesday, May 5, 2009

photo overload!

So I went to school today to take pictures of a bunch of my stuff that I made this year. 

Here's my lace stool! I use it upside down as a table though. It was in the Oakville place mall for a few weeks, and apparently it got a good response. The head of the textiles program, Rachel MacHenry, has asked me to make her one.

Here's my prototype dining chair! The final project for the year, it was fun to work on. I liked the whole process of putting something together, sitting on it, getting other people to sit on it, adjusting it, etc, etc.

My linear project from last semester, used as bedside table.

Cutting board from last semester, our second project of the year.

And my table! Which I sold and have another commission for. The guy who bought it came to pick it up just as I was finishing shooting it. Sadly I didn't realize that almost all of the detail photos (like the drawer one on top) were out of focus! Gah. Ah well, I might be making another, so I can always take pictures of that one.

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