Monday, May 4, 2009

table sold!

Some good news! On Saturday Erick and I were hanging out in Oakville after going to the Hamilton Farmers Market and eating delicious BLTs when one of my classmates (Greg) text messaged me to inform me that someone bought my table at the Sheridan Arts Open House! So that was super exciting! We went over to Sheridan to see what was going on, and it turns out that not only did I sell the table that was there, but another lady came in and wanted it and she wants to commission me to make her another one! CRAZY! So I'm going to call her today to see what's up. I underpriced my original table ($500, when it should have been at least $750 apparently, but I really had no idea) so I'm going to have to charge her more this time as I'll have to pay for studio space and materials. Gah! I don't know that anyone else sold anything, though most people didn't have their pieces for sale.

Anyhoo, later Saturday evening the Tulip Ceremony took place, which is sort of a grad and awards ceremony. A lot of people one some pretty good awards ($$) and I won the $500 Silent Night Award as a first year furniture student! Extra woohoo! Very exciting.

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