Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The apartment, thus far

So, one earrrrrly weekend morning, after dropping Erick off at work, I was about to go to back to bed when I realized the light in the apartment was good. Thus, I decided to take some photos while I had the chance. Its normally sort of dark in here since most of the apartment faces north. Anyhoo, these are mostly just of the living room. This first photo was taken when I actually was in bed, looking into the living room.

The living room. We painted the fireplace blue since we bought mistint blue paint. There was basically no colour scheme plannings or whatever, most of the pillows and stuff were things Erick and I had separately, and now we have them together. Lots of greens, the pink things (pillows, candles, candlestick holders) are all from me. I don't know how I acquired so many pink things. I don't consider myself to be a big pink person. Bizarre. Anyhoo, that's one of my stolen U of G framed nature photos on the fireplace. And Erick's prized free speakers flanking it. And my brother's extra guitar, which I'm unsuccessfully supposed to be learning to play. And on either side of the fireplace are the $12.99 Value Village chairs that I upholstered. They're no design marvel, but they do the trick.

On the right side of the mantlepiece: pink glass candle stick holders and a pile of books. This has been like this essentially since the day we moved in. Its funny how you put things one place, thinking its temporary, but then it just seems to stay there.

View into the living room from the kitchen hallway. You can see my cardboard stool in the middle there. It was a furniture project of course. Its very sturdy, you can stand on it and it doesn't disintegrate. We use it as a foot rest.

Desk area. Our amazing $12 V.V. lamp which we sacrificed a tire for...stupid curb. And my sewing machine has naturally taken over the desk. But I desperately need to get an ironing board and iron so I can get back into sewing things. I made the kitchen curtains without an iron, and without pinning, and you can sorta tell.

View from the living room into the messy bedroom. There's nothing much in there except a bed, and a crazy giant mural of a desert with a huge hot looking sun on the closet doors. Very unappreciated when its 36 degrees out with major humidity and you're trying to sleep and the air conditioner is broken.

View into the hall. The kitchen is dead ahead, and the bathroom is just off the hall on the right.

The door on the left is a closet, and the door on the right is one of two entrances, and is the one we use the most.

And that is all for now. No kitchen or bathroom photos yet.

Anyhoo, the Art Gallery Job is great! As the "Summer Camp Coordinator" I do such things as: go shopping for supplies, make colouring pages for kids based on paintings in the gallery, paint a bunch of grey scales, put together fabric and paper samples for summer discovery kits, etc, etc. Essentially its a relaxed environment and my list of things to do is always changing, which is great. It doesn't get monotonous.

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